What’s on this Autumn

Self portraits – we will use paint to create pictures of ourselves to add to our nursery gallery.

Hedgehog pictures – we will make hedgehogs using our handprints, paint and card.

Autumn walks – we will visit The Grange and observe the changes in the leaves and trees.

Monday Club – some of us will visit Southover Church Monday club, a group for the over 70s.
We will have lots of fun singing nursery rhymes and sharing our paintings.

Group time - we will talk about new friendships, being kind and sharing.

Healthy eating – we will try different fruit and vegetables and talk about healthy eating.

Gardening – we will observe the changes in our plants and flowers and try some of things we have grown.

Leaf printing - we will collect leaves and create patterns with paint.

Salt Dough -  we will create leaves with salt dough and decorate them with paint sticks.

Conker rolling - we will collect some conkers and use them to create pictures.

Baking – we will make gingerbread men and scones – mixing the ingredients, baking and decorating them.

Owl babies - we will read the ‘Owl Babies’ story during our group times.

Music – we will sing songs and rhymes, play instruments and experiment with sound.

Autumn trees – we will be use sponges to create beautiful Autumn trees.

Kindness tree - we will encourage the children to be kind to others and gain a kindness apple to add to our friendship tree.

French – we will continue with our lovely French lessons.  

Yoga – some of us will be having yoga lessons this term!