What’s on this Spring

Polar bear portraits – painting our own snowy polar bears with sponges.

Arctic animals – playing with our toy penguins and seals amongst blocks of glittery ice.

Bird feeders – making our own bird feeders with seeds, ribbons and muffin trays.

Snowflakes – making beautiful snowflakes with handprints, sparkles & paint.

Growing up – talking about growing up and thinking about what we might want to be.

Families – talking about and drawing our families and friends.

Baking & making – cheese scones & fruit sticks

Healthy eating – trying different fruits and vegetables and talking about healthy eating.

Weekly gym – catching, throwing, balancing, hopping, skipping, balancing, jumping & dancing, phew!

Music – singing songs & rhymes, playing instruments & experimenting with sounds.

Valentine’s day – arts & crafts.

Pancake day – making & eating lots & lots of pancakes!

World Book day, 5th March – dressing up & sharing our favourite books.

Circle time – talking about friendship, being kind, sharing, being brave, growing up etc.

Gardening – planting seeds in pots, flowers in our garden, making bird feeders.

Easter – lots of arts & crafts.