Transition to School

By the time they leave us, our children are very well prepared for school and are more than ready for it. They are confident, independent, motivated, full of imagination and keen to explore, think and create. Our strong and perceptive staff team ensure all children are well prepared for the next steps in their learning.

During the Summer term, we work closely with parents to develop skills that children will find useful at school. For example, we encourage them to put on their own coats, shoes and gym kits, to hold a pencil correctly, to be able to recognise and write their own names and wash their hands unaided and pack away their lunch boxes. Being able to do all this gives children a firm foundation and instils them with great confidence as they move to another setting.

At Southover, we have established very good relationships with the reception teachers in all our local schools. During the Summer term, we meet these teachers and run through each child’s special book and their transition report, both of which are compiled by us in consultation with parents. We also arrange visits with the children to and from their various schools. This way, we can be sure that they are all fully prepared for their transition and importantly, are excited about it.

We also invite our old children back into nursery to tell us all about being in Reception.¬†¬†This is always a great success and our children have great fun asking them lots of questions about ‘big school’!